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Welcome to the website of Chadha Realtors Pvt. Ltd.

We offer value just where you want it !

Just when you thought that it would be so much of a value addition if only there could be someone well-intentioned, experienced and capable of executing these decisions on your behalf; someone who could pitch in and do all the analysis necessary to ensure that all the property in consideration is upheld in the law of the land; someone who could understand your business, ascertain the best possible type of office, retail space, investment idea or corporate requirements and offer the best, most economic and financially viable solutions to clients -- we are the people you are looking for.

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Real Estate Guide

In its simplest terms, real estate is land. However, there is much more to the real estate industry as it has developed through the years. Real estate today refers to the buying, selling, renting, leasing, and management of commercial, residential, agricultural, and other kinds of property, including all the functions that support such activities, including areas like appraising and financing. People who work in the real estate industry often have in-depth knowledge of real estate markets and of contracts, laws, and tax regulations that apply to real estate transactions.

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Our Clients

Our clientele includes Builders, Developers, Educational Institutes, Commercial Brokers and Investors. Based in Mohali, we handle issues of real estate for clients across India and worldwide. We believe that true professionalism must also include unmatched customer service. Your questions are answered, your deadlines are honored and the services you receive meet your highest expectations.

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