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Transaction Audit


We have knowledge of real-world transactions.

An audit is a process to evaluate whether an organization is achieving its objectives effectively, and doing so economically and efficiently, in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Traditionally audits were associated with gaining information about financial systems and the financial records of a company or a business. However, recently auditing has begun to be included in other organizational systems such as IT and HR to bring in efficiency of resources. By introducing this concept in real estate sector; we aim to achieve technical and financial advantages to our clients while scrutinizing a real estate transaction for them.

At Chadha Realtors we have realized that all organizations whether large or small look forward to bring real estate integrity since it involves huge costs, reputation and in long term become responsible for revenue generation. Our consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in real estate sector with knowledge of real-world transactions and deals.

The recent movements in real estate costs and economic recession are the primary reasons why we should scrutinize each deal closely and save costs wherever possible. Our Transaction Audit Services helps corporates establish that all their decisions concerning real estate are worthwhile, true and fair in all respects.

We maximize your benefits accruing from the deal:

The degree to which value-for-money has been achieved
The effectiveness of organisations in meeting real estate objectives
The quality of management and use of resources
The fair presentation of contracts
Compliance with legislative and other requirements.
While speedy deal making may seem efficient sometimes but our audit services will help you achieve success in every transaction.

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